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About me


URMA  is an architect and artist.

Post-graduate-studies 2012 - 2014 

Product / Material Design - Electronic media

Nominated:  BDA / SARP Award 2012-2013

Win: Master Award 2012 - 2013


Studied architecture in Germany, graduated 2012 (diploma).


Since 2012 - until now,  working on an interdisciplinary project at HfG Offenbach (coached by Prof. Dr. Markus Holzbach / product design department and Prof. Alex Opperman electronic media ) .


Moving between architecture, art and science.


„My work is based on the idea to create something everyone can interact with, discovering different ways of communication,social behaviour and perception. The projects often rest upon scientific analysis, designing sculptural installations by transforming certain para-meters that are given by the surrounding space.“





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