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Supported by


Pedro Soares Neves


Derek Woodall


Carhartt Frankfurt Germany

Carhartt Lisboa

Destination Hostel Lisboa




Photo: Augusto

Concept : Studio URMA 

Installation : Studio URMA 

I know from my experience of recent years and my architectural education that it is possible to restructure and reorganiz architectural space in its familiar orthogonality. In other words: 

It is possible today by means of complex, computer-based processes and newly developed materials to contradict Euclidean geo-metry that governs architectural space. Thereby spaces are redefined and the classical system structure governing architectural forms dissolves that has dominated the image of the city to date.


In principle my projects center on the dialogue and the relation between space, artwork and spectator in order to create from a situation something that did not exist before. 

I frequently observe artists realizing their concepts in urban spaces in form of installations, sculptures, paintings etc. yet ignoring the information the location itself keeps available and which has to be picked up on should anything be created that originates from that specific location that would allow the opening of this dialogue.

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